B K R O Kraft Force

The organization and the voice of the vulnerable women

Welcome to our world.


Children and women's rights organization.

B K R O Kraft Force

World wide.

We work to defend women's and children's rights in

Sweden and internationally.


Our vision is to be the subject of women's voice and to work to improve women's living conditions in Sweden and other countries. Women's issues should not be a special interest but a right. The right to life should be obvious but it is often not so. Women's issues are neglected worldwide and therefore we work with a broad lobbying and, not least working to give women and children safe zones in our big project with protected housing for women and children.


On this website we will offer you;

Facts and statistics

And we turn to you who lives in a violent relationship or psychological nature. We will provide you with all the facts and statistics that you need.



We offer counseling and various contacts with the responsibility of B K R O Kraft Force.


Legal support

We offer legal counseling and support.



You always have a choice!

To seek from violence and oppression sounds like an easy choice,

but is far from it.

But there is always a way out and a way back to life



We guarantee constant availability.


We are bound to secrecy and all the trust is safe with us.


We come from Sweden, but works both nationally and internationally,

with childerssues and women's rights issues.


Millions of womens voices is never heard

and we like to be their voice.

So let us be your voice.

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للأسف هناك الملايين من النساء  عبر العالم تتعذب في صمت وإن  هي صرخت لا أحد يهتم بمعاناتها و يسمع  آهاتها , كفانا صمتا و لنكن صوت من لا صوت لها